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Tony & Hinerangi Goodman

Traditional papakainga in the modern age

Matekuare Whanau Trust is a whanau land owner Ahu Whenua Trust set up under the Maori Land Court. The land has been owned and occupied by Matekuare from the earliest mists of time.

Our Tipuna (ancestors) set aside this land of 50 hectares to incorporate a Maori village or papakainga for future generations.

From the days of survey, as with many Maori lands, Tawhitiwhiti was managed by the Maori Trustee, it being assumed that Maori could not manage their own land. After many years we were able to break the lease and take over management directly. This lead to our commencement of the papakainga development.

Having to manage the legal and financial requirements we realised that this was a skill that we could impart to other Maori land owners. This related to Small Maori Land Blocks only as the larger incorporations already had these skills.

In designing our own papakainga we harked back to what held the traditional Maori papakainga together – the “glue”.

The term papakainga incorporates a cluster of homes provided on Maori land and provided in a way which seeks to enhance whanau or hapu social intercourse including kaumatua housing, kohanga reo, cottage industries, recreational facilities, places of worship or urupa

We intend to bring these principles of Maori living into the modern age whilst at the same time retaining those things that make papakainga work.

Roles to date:

  • Teacher at Tawhiuau Primary School, Murupara
  • Kaitiaki Bi-lingual Unit
  • Bay of Plenty Area Health Board (formerly the Rotorua Health Department)
  • Community Health Officer with a focus on community and personal health and housing of our people.
  • TVNZ  Talk Back Host for National Maori Radio Aotearoa, the first in New Zealand
  • Television New Zealand Ltd, Auckland 25 years: Senior Journalist/Presenter for Te Karere (Maori News)
  • Retired from broadcasting to further her interest in whanau development through our lands trust (Matekuare Whanau Trust) including new housing and healthy living.
  • For many years an active member of the Maori Women’s Welfare League that, amongst many services presented remits to the Government leading to positive support for Maori Health and Housing.

Roles to date:

  • Farming
  • 7 years 50/50 sharemilking for town supply
  • Road Making and Civil Engineering Construction
  • Construction of roads and railway lines
  • Development of housing subdivisions and personal house building experience
  • Profile Secretary and Project Manager for the Lotteries   funded $400,000 rebuild/upgrade of the Tatahoata Marae in Ruatahuna
  • National Science Challenge Maori Housing Think Tank
  • Manager of Matekuare Whanau Trust housing Papakainga development in Te Whaiti
  • Project Development for an Activated Carbon and Bio Carbon Industry for New Zealand. Project still current and is likely to create a billion dollar per annum new industry for New Zealand. Feedstock mostly Pinus Radiata trees.
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