Sarah Lynn Rees

So far...

There are more questions than answers but there are specific moments in time that inform how we define ourselves, our identity and ethos, both personal and professional. There are mistakes and achievements that test our confidence and ego, moments where we question how we navigate forward and moments where our thoughts are reflected in a perfectly articulated sentence becoming the most effective tool yet. It’s important to remember where these moments came from and how they changed or solidified the bricks we use to build ourselves. Sarah will reflect on 20 of these moments and questions so far that underpin her ever developing architecture and personal ethos.


Sarah is a Palawa woman descending from the Plangermaireener people of north-east Tasmania. She is a Charlie Perkins scholar with an MPhil in Architecture and Urban Design from the University of Cambridge where she produced a thesis on Indigenous housing in remote Australian communities. Sarah also holds a Bachelor of Environments (Architecture) from the University of Melbourne. Sarah worked in London with Stirling Prize Winner, Will Alsop OBE RA and is now working with Jackson Clements Burrows Architects; Director, Indigenous Architecture and Design Victoria; Research Assistant, University of Melbourne; and as an Associate Consultant at Greenshoot Consulting.